Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Musings

Needles on the Move

"That's the first knitting you've done all weekend" said Neil as she drew her sock from its cosy sock bag while they waited at Gare du Nord. "I knitted on the train from London," "yes but you haven't done any while we've been here"

I have obviously trained him well. To him, it is now perfectly natural that I will pull out some knitting any time I can get a quiet seat.

My blog title grew from the prospect of travel around Europe. I had visions of us trekking all over by train, bus and bicycle and saw myself knitting my way around the continent, sock by sock (socks travel best being small and generally pattern-less). This has not been far from the truth so far. I knitted on the train to Cambridge and when we went to Stockport and Chester. I knitted all weekend when we visited rellies and had long conversations about knitting of the past on both sides. I see no reason why my knitting will not follow me on all future trips.

I am not, however, planning to spend all my holidays with my nose stuck to my needles. I can't knit while gazing around - except for the plainest stocking stitch - and I don't see why I would go all the way to Moscow to look at a sock instead of whatever it is you go to Moscow to look at. Perhaps those keen knitters who take several projects and spend all their time tracking down knitting shops have less busy holidays planned. Perhaps they, unlike me, can knit while climbing the seven hundred stairs of the Eiffel Tower. I did visit one yarn shop in Paris but we were going down that street anyway. Really.

I will take my knitting all over Europe, and I will probably look on those travel-knitted socks fondly in the future and think "ahhh, that was the train to Milan". But however much it may surprise my well-trained husband, while the camera is in my hand, the knitting will probably be in my suitcase.

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At 4:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Travel socks!!! - Hmmm could be a whole new ploy in why socks are addictive, and i love that idea of looking back and being reminded of a journey/expedition because of the pair of socks you have decided to wear today.

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