Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Musings

Was Pythagoras a Knitter?

Often during my school years I got strange looks from people as I chatted about my studies "you're majoring in what - maths?!?" It seemed inexplicable to many people that I could be really into the humanities - music, languages, English literature, - with mathematics on the side. Now I am vindicated. Hehe.

I started my first garment design project last week. A shrug with a basic eyelet stitch and lace edging worked afterwards.

*Bows low to all past maths teachers*

Knit a swatch in stocking stitch. Calculate guage. Calculate gauge again in imperial. Repeat for lace pattern. Measure body parts. Find a friend to measure body parts impossible to reach by oneself. Convert to imperial. Divide measurements by gauge. Round up/down. Adjust to fit stitch pattern repeats BUT NOT BY TOO MUCH. Calculate lower back shaping. Knit a bit. Calculate sleeve shaping. Spend ages trying to figure out how to increase 72 stitches evenly over 54 rows - how much is too much anyway???. Make sure pattern is centred. Check measurements in case copious amount of chocolate consumption has affected fit. Knit a bit. Eat more chocolate. Check measurements again.

Sometime I'm going to have to figure out how to fit the lace pattern to the cuff and edging stitch count. Potentially before I have knitted that part of the shrug.

I think I need some more chocolate...

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At 9:43 pm, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Lots of groovy math! There are a lot of 'traditional' womenfolk chores that all involve much math which makes the gender gap for mathematics that much odder. Oh well.

At 1:32 am, Blogger heather said...

Rock on - I used to use algebra to work out crochet patterns in the long ago.
And don't forget the perfect woven piece with Fibonacci stripes!(planned but still to get onto the loom).
Maths is life!
But don't forget the insidious effects of chocolate consumption can manifest themselves well after the measurements are adjusted ;-(
Glad to see you back on-line.

At 1:01 pm, Anonymous carole said...

I used to hate maaths in school but loved music ..took a little time to realize the maths of music
its a strange world.. thinking all the projects that you have on the go..I'll let you know that I am currently working on a quilted spiderman wall hanger, quilted christmas stockings x 6, and a father christmas wall hanger as tall as me, along with alt. s for customers (paying) and alt's for me

At 8:46 pm, Blogger ra said...

funny I was rubbish at maths at school despite my dad being a maths teacher. Turns out that I'm actually not bad at mathematics having done rents, finance work, worked in a shop behind the (steam driven) tills. Nowadays have to calculate deductions from customers invoices when deliveries are wrong (including working out the vat).
Funny how necessity makes us capable!

At 3:10 am, Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

I hated math! It took me a long time to admit that its really everywhere! My hs math teacher was right. urgh!
Good luck with your shrug, I want to eat more chocolate after reading what all you've been though *L*

At 5:03 pm, Blogger Lyonheart said...

I find that chocolate helps enormously with maths. Good luck with the pattern design, looking forward to seeing the result.


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