Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sock-Sized Knitting Bag Pattern

This little bag is the perfect size for a sock-on-the-go. Make it a bit bigger if you like for larger projects.

30cm – 50cm main fabric, or assorted scraps for bag and handles
30cm – 50cm fabric for lining
Interfacing or thin batting recommended for larger sizes

Cut Fabric:
¼” seam allowance included throughout
(Measurements given for sock bag, refer to table below for larger sizes.)
From main fabric:
Two 8” squares for front and back, incorporating patchwork or embroidered design if desired.
One 5” x 3 ½” rectangle for base
Two 12” x 2” strips for handles
From lining fabric:
Two 8” squares for front and back
One 5” x 3 ½” rectangle for base
(If using batting or interfacing cut as for lining and attach to lining before sewing up)

1. With right sides facing, stitch outer base to outer front and back centring at lower edge. Stitch side seams.

2. Fold bag so side seam aligns with base and stitch diagonal seams to make bag corners.

3. Repeat for lining leaving a 3” gap in one side seam to turn through later.

4. Stitch handles into two tubes, turn through and press flat.

5. Turn bag right side out, pin handles in position on sides of bag, matching raw edges and being careful not to twist.

6. With lining inside out, place bag inside lining and stitch top edge seam, securing handles as part of seam.

7. Turn through gap in lining side seam, slipstitch closed and press top edge seam, topstitch if desired (recommended for bags with interfacing or batting).

Fabric measurements for larger sizes (¼” seam allowance included):

Size/Sides/Base/Handles/Finished height
Sock/8” x 8”/5” x 3 ½” /12” x 2”/7 ½ inches
Medium/10” x 10”/6” x 4 ½” /15” x 3” /9 ½ inches
Large/12” x 12”/7” x 5 ½” /18” x 4”/11 ½ inches



At 8:55 am, Blogger Piglottie said...

Thanks for this! Its such a cute and handy little bag, and very useful for those bits and pieces of material I have hanging around.

At 1:11 am, Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

as the recipient of one of your bags Diane, I can say they are FABULOUS!!! Perfect for socks on the go. Thanks so much for the tutorial : )

At 6:28 am, Blogger Liz.P said...

Sock size bag is really quite neat... looks good for many things, I will have a go. Love to see something of your craft on the family blog.

At 3:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wicked! I love your bag pattern, it's a step up from the bags i have already made as they don't have the base which is where i got a bit lost...
I sewed the base to the front and back of the bag, then sewed the side seams together of the main body, then i sewed the sides of the bags to the sides of the base and then i didn't know what else to do to make the diagonal seams for the corners so i just left it all squared which works ok, but i want corners dammit! *lol*
I'm going to try another one now, and see if i can work it out myself but if anyone can explain how to get corners i'd luv them forever! :oD
Thanks for posting the tutorial, sorry i am so dim!


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