Thursday, August 31, 2006

A finished object

Well, the scarf is finished, blocked and wrapped all ready for tomorrow. In answer to Badger's question 'How do you manage to knit so much?' - easy, I set myself ridiculous birthday deadlines and then have to go mad to meet them :-) The only birthday deadline I have now is the second of a pair of socks to be finished by Sept 15th - that should be okay. Of course there's always Christmas...

This scarf, as you may remember, started out as a sock. After knitting about half the foot I realised the colours were just going to keep on pooling yukkily so I frogged it and decided to do a scarf. Simple rib was the pattern of choice which is nice and soft in the fuzzy alpaca. I was knitting away happily (this was sometime last week) and had done about 10 inches when disaster struck again :-/

While browsing Anni's blog I saw these gorgeous scarves and thought 'Wouldn't this alpaca look much nicer in a scarf like that!' So I frogged again and started afresh. I am very happy with the pattern and would have been disappointed for ever with the boring rib but it did make for a pretty tight timeline!

Here 'tis:

I used the trellis lace pattern which I also saw on Anni's site but changed it to garter stitch for speed. It was very easy and is beautifully soft. The scarf is a birthday present for a dear friend who lives in the country not far from Melbourne. I will be visiting for a long catch-up this weekend, and a few tears I expect as she is quite ill and there's just a chance I may not see her again. I hope she likes her cuddly alpaca.

Ciao :-)



At 3:26 pm, Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said...

Love the scarf you knit up for your friend!! I love how the colors made a criss-cross pattern. The alpaca was defiantly made for this scarf! ((hugs)) hope you enjoy your visit with your friend.

At 7:52 pm, Anonymous Carrie K said...

That pattern is gorgeous! I think I tried that pattern with some merino I had but it rolled much too much. It didn't occur to me to try knitting it in garter stitch. It looks beautiful.

At 11:11 am, Blogger Badger said...

That scarf is great! And I have heard of these "deadlines", but thought they were those things that whooshed by and you try to ignore? ;)


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