Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WIP Update

Nothing is getting finished so I'm afraid it's photos of things unfinished today!

Progress report:

Alpaca socks - 1st toe done for the second time but may have to frog it again as I thought I was using 3mm needles and they're 2.75mm grr.

Baby cardi - just putting the sleeves on holders (I'm sure it's this one that's making my finger sore)

Opal socks - one done, the other due for a gift on Sept 15th

Diamond Lace Scarf - inching along

Socks From Scratch - haven't been spinning this week, so I'm still at 50g plied

Neil's Scarf - hmmm not moving (black's very hard to see at night)

Silk Wristwarmers - don't ask

Crocheted Baby Blanket - grr I HATE sewing up, have finished three rows of eight squares.

Pop over and check out my mum's new blog Apple Garden Threads, I've got her hooked now too :-D



At 1:06 pm, Blogger Badger said...

You're making progress! I tend to have mad finishing spells and so have loads of FO's in a short space of time but then none for months :)

At 3:09 am, Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hi diane, thanks for your b'day wishes. I hope you have a good one too - good luck getting n ipod!! :-)

At 9:09 pm, Anonymous Lyonheart said...

I had to laugh at "Silk Wristwarmers - don't ask" - I have several WIP's like that. The sock alpaca is a really lovely colour.


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