Thursday, December 07, 2006

Once upon a time ...

... there were three skeins of the most beautiful red yarn, lying quietly on a shelf in the store. Patiently they waited for a customer to come along with just the right pattern, until finally they got their wish, and were carried home, eager and excited about their new home and new beginning.

The little sweater grew rapidly. It was, after all only a very little sweater and the yarn was worsted weight. The bright red balls rolled and bounced merrily in the knitting basket as the yarn was wound off and shaped into back, front and sleeves. All too soon the knitting was done. It was time for seaming to begin.

With more red yarn threaded on the needle, the mattress stitch seams zipped up flawlessly until…disaster struck.

Was it a mistake in the pattern? An error in gauge? Maybe sleeves aren’t really supposed to fit armholes and seams should pucker. And look yucky.

The beautiful red yarn, only half a sweater, was pushed back into the knitting bag and left alone. What fate awaited it? Was it never to be worn? Never to be cherished and loved by a little person in a favourite red sweater?

To be continued…


Sigh. At this point I’m thinking: unpick all the seams and frog and re-knit the sleeves. Luckily it’s only a very little sweater. And worsted weight ;-)


At 9:06 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a tragic story!!!! -Could you pick up the stitches from the armhole and knit the sleeves in the round downwards?? (I don't think that sentance is English but sure you know what I mean!!!!) Hope you feel better about it soon, it's a beautiful colour.

At 5:16 pm, Blogger DianeM said...

yep, probably going to do that :-)

At 2:54 pm, Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

oh no! very tragic. Auntie noo sound like she has a good idea, of picking up the armhole sts and kniting down from there. Love the red yarn, very pretty.

At 9:36 pm, Anonymous Carrie K said...

That's what I'd do. You know, if I actually reknit it instead of relegating it to the NTBF pile.

I'm sure it was the instructions. Sleeves aren't supposed to fit the armholes, are they? lol

At 7:40 am, Blogger Heather said...

I could write a beautifulk story about all the pieces of fabric and skeins and balls of wool lying forgotten in my sewing room until a bushfire threatened the horizon and they were gathered up and taken to a very happy op shop to await a new life in some-one else's hands - but i don't have time! Just checking up on you before clearing another shelf in case of embers sneaking in at the cracks and hiding behind something!


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