Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Musings

A Challenge

Last week a customer was lured into the shop by the Feza scarf sample we had in the window. After I explained that it wasn't for sale and, no, we didn't knit to order for customers, I suggested she might knit one herself: "It's really easy, just garter stitch"

"Oh no, I could never knit"

I didn't know whether to fall over or cry.

Today I chatted to a teacher aide who spends every Tuesday afternoon (successfully) teaching year one children to knit. And here was a fully-grown, intelligent-looking woman completely writing off knitting. I could NEVER knit. I could never KNIT.

Maybe she really meant "I am perfectly happy in my bubble and don't need to learn anything new." Okay, perhaps that's a bit mean - maybe she's really busy, but NEVER????

I consider myself now a pretty competent knitter. Luckily, I learnt at a very young age from a highly skilled mother.


A little over a year ago I had never knit socks.
Six months ago I was too scared to try lace.
Two months ago I had never done a heel flap.
Two weeks ago I couldn't knit continental style.

At the moment I am learning how to two-colour strand. Because I need to learn new things. I couldn't imagine not learning anything new after leaving school. Wouldn't it get really really boring? And how would I ever reach the point where I can design my own traditional Fair-Isle Norwegian sweater with steeks and tubular cast-ons and a cool pewter clasp? (Really I just want it for the pewter clasps)

So I am issuing a challenge. To all you readers who haven't tried anything new for a while: Take the plunge. It only has to be a swatch, or maybe a sock, or cables on a beanie. Branch out and get inspired by something you've always meant to try and never got around to. Leave a comment with your plans and in three weeks we will regroup and you can let us all know how it went :-)

I will be doing this too. I solemnly promise, sometime in the next three weeks I will try ....

Can you guess - my Achilles' heel! A small prize for the first person to post the answer in comments (Mum you don't count and no spilling the beans either!)

C-Day is Dec 18th 'C' for celebration, or maybe confessions ;-) send me a piccie and I'll post it here.

Have Fun!

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At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

I'll have to attempt some lace. Scary!

At 11:04 pm, Blogger Michelle said...

Funny you mention this, I have always wanted to learn Continental as I am a lefty. That is something to try this week. I accept the challenge.

At 6:38 pm, Blogger Cazzie said...

To knit with laceweight yarn ... That means I will have to buy some first :)

At 9:30 pm, Blogger Bronte said...

I have no idea what your achilles heel is. I know it's not lace! I think my own big mountain to climb is still the c-word. :-P I haven't got much further than a tiny curly swath back in the first half of the year. So I promise to try to crochet a square!

At 5:26 am, Blogger Heather said...

I also need to be learning new techniques. (funny, that)
In the last 2 years I have "done"
heel flaps, entrelac, cables, double knitting, steeks (but I haven't cut them yet - can I still count that?) and learnt to use 2 circs at once for socks and beanies. And the magic loop.
Not boasting, just saying if an oldie can learn new tricks anyone can.
My new challenge?? I'll have to think about that. Maybe lace (shudder)

At 9:54 pm, Blogger DianeM said...

You're not an oldie, plenty of good years in you yet ;-)

Can't wait to see your lace :-D

At 10:28 pm, Anonymous Meredith said...

I admit that when I first started knitting, I said something simliar to what that woman said to you...but my husband's grandmother wouldn't take no for an answer and now I consider myself a pretty competant knitter thanks to her. I'm always excited to learn something new too!
I think sometimes people say this if they would rather not bother, or if they are underconfident. One thing that teaching myself has showed me is some degree of confidence in trying new things. It irks me now when I hear people saying things like "oh I just don't have the patience" or "oh, I'd never be able to learn". Anyone can do it, it's just a matter of trying, right?
So congratulations on how far you've come! I raise my glass of wine to you!
*big grins*

At 5:20 am, Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

hahahaha I don't think my brain could handle anything new right now! Well.. unless you count the mitten I was knitting today. Some how I decided it needed TWO thumb gussets, oy!
Great post! you've learned so much : )

At 12:46 pm, Anonymous Cherie said...

You do have great ideas dear friend! I have recently started something I was always scared to try - knitting myself a jumper. I have finished the front and I'm now doing a sleeve. It will be interesting to see if the front matches the back and the right sleeve matches the left!! Remember what my first pair of socks looked like! Anyway, I'll try to finish the jumper by the time I visit you.

At 10:32 pm, Blogger Jacqui said...

Great idea, okay I'll go with the flow and try the two colour thang.

At 11:19 pm, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Good idea, to try something outside your comfort zone. I hate that when people tell me "they could never." So they either think that they're completely incompetent, or they mean they would never bother to learn. Either way, annoying.

At 9:44 am, Anonymous Super Monkey said...

My achilles heel is chocolate hobnobs. I can't imagine there's anyone on the planet who doesn't share this weakness. But if it has to be a knitting one then, erm, entrelac because it has a silly name.

At 10:55 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Could it be that entrelac is your Achilles heel?

At 11:06 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Or cables?

At 12:54 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Or mohair? Or cobweb fine yarn?

At 4:11 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Double sided knitting? One sock inside another?

At 10:20 am, Blogger DianeM said...

Eeek not all of those luckily. Yes it is entrelac - well done Hannah! but I'm afraid Nathalie already guessed on the other post :-(


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