Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Lady is a Tramp

I have to admit to a little fling on the side. This one I'm pretty sure will be short, barely more than a one night stand, but I confess, my morals may be in question.

I blame it all on Eunny and Cazza. The sleepless nights, the scribbled pages of graph paper, the hungry search for books and tutorials on colourwork.

Oooh that looks pretty...

Oooh I have a great idea for Christmas presents...

Oooh I get to play with pretty Koigu colours...

A blink of an eye and I am a fallen woman.

I am treating the colourwork as a learning experience. I don't see myself ever becoming as obsessed as I am with lace. It has grabbed my attention for the moment, but once the Koigu is all gone and the Christmas gifts are wrapped, I think I will put it away.

I decided to go for the two-handed method, I have done a little fair isle using strand-changing and wasn't impressed with the look of the back or with how tangled the yarns got. Recently a Danish customer showed me how to knit continental-style, I found I could easily do it by holding the yarn as I do for crochet (incorrect according to my teacher but I wasn't fussed). So I applied the same method to the colourwork - hey, not too hard!

Here's an action shot: My left middle finger is chopped off but imagine the lighter yarn going over it.

What I am finding difficult is the tension when stranding. I finished the first Christmas present, I wasn't completely happy with the tension but blocking helped a lot. The inconsistencies are barely noticeable now. The next one around I will aim to do it more loosely.

The other revelation, which had me frogging colourwork all Friday night (after 3-4 hours I had nix on the needles), is contrast. I drew up my own simple charts and knitted away only to discover that A) Koigu on 2.5mm needles produces TINY stitches and B) you can't see a tiny stitch pattern when the two yarns don't contrast enough. I changed the pattern and achieved a nice result in the end. This time round I have upped the contrast and am trying the tiny pattern again.

The whole present thing means I can't show many progress pics sorry, but eventually the pattern will be up with any tips I manage to glean in the process :-)

Ciao, Diane


At 10:47 pm, Blogger Lyonheart said...

Oh you fallen woman, you! Actually I am slightly envious as I still haven't tried colour work.

At 1:55 am, Blogger Heather said...

Does 'tiny' owe anything to

At 1:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diane I think that you have missed your calling or not yet really chosen another path not necessarily instead of but maybe as well as.
You should be writing books .

At 9:03 pm, Blogger Lothlorian said...

what a fright to see me being mentioned as an enabler...I feel so proud ;) cant wait to see what you are up to!


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