Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy Busy!

We're nearly all ready, we have finished packing up the house and we're onto clearing up the garden. I have been madly trying to finish my leave-behind wips, I have one pink cardi sleeve still to do.

Tonight we'll actually have to pack things. Inside cases. eek! Luggage limits: 25kg each hold baggage, 7kg each cabin baggage, plus 'one personal item' which will be my laptop :-) I think we'll squeeze it all in. Needless to say, there are no balls of yarn on the 'not sure if this will fit' pile ;-)

Blue Cat is all ready to go:

His 3 friends are staying at home on my bookshelf though. The cats were a goodbye present from one of my kids at school and I loved them so much I just had to bring one :-)

Must go knit that pink sleeve,

Ciao, Diane


At 7:26 pm, Blogger Anni said...

Good luck with the packing. It must be a nightmare to pack for that long with such a small lugage allowance.

At 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you read this you will be in London...... have a wonderful time. I'm most impressed with the knitting you do, I was never much of a Knitter, did one sock at high school. but Mark and his dad had a series of matching jumpers way back.... cheers. Liz.

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Piglottie said...

By the time you read this, you should be in the UK. So, a huge welcome to England and I so hope you enjoy being here.


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