Friday, August 04, 2006

Not much to report

I didn't feel I had done enough this last few days to bother posting, but after a nudge from mum I had a think about it and realised that I have...

*Completed the first 5-6 inches of a new lace project using the pink kid mohair I bought at the show (it is divine to knit with and I adore the colour)

*Made a good start on the second of SIL's birthday socks due next Friday

Okay, that's actually not that much, no wonder I hadn't bothered to post :-) I don't know what happened to the last few evenings, I did spend quite a lot of Wednesday swatching and fiddling with the mohair until I settled into the pattern, but otherwise I think a gremlin must have come along and run off with all my knitting time.

I had to give up on Branching Out in the end, it was driving me insane having to count such a wide lace chart - I like my lace in repeats of no more than about 12 stitches or rows. I have changed to a simple diamond pattern and it's coming out nicely on 5mm needles. I'm wondering how the kid mohair is going to block though, it seems very slippery and sproingy (technical term). Has anyone else used it before? Will it behave or will I have a scrunchy scarf?


At 11:33 pm, Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said...

Branching out can get a bit tricky, I survived two with the help of stick it notes, a clicker and writing a check mark for ever completed row. You could use stitch markers, placed every 5 stitches to make the counting go faster.
Anyway, Your pink diamond scarf looks great!! : )


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