Monday, July 24, 2006

Danger Signs

Help! I can feel an addiction to lace coming on!! Here's a pic of my first real lace knitting - a swatch-mark. It took me a bit over an hour. (Scarf in this pattern: 6rpts across, about twelve times this length, I don't even want to think how long it will take me. Gulp!)

Once I got used to using bigger needles on finer yarn I found the rhythm of it very quickly. I am desperate for some pointier needles though - the ones I'm using seem incredibly blunt when trying to do a k2tog with this stuff!

I have already started another bookmark for a swap and am going to cast on for branching out in the pink mohair sometime in the next couple of days. I have decided not to do branching out in the green as I think the pattern width will be too narrow for this very fine yarn.


At 5:46 am, Anonymous Little sis said...

collingwood won when was the last time carlton won hey! nice bookmark by the way

At 9:56 pm, Blogger Badger said...

oh yes, lace is extremely addictive! I like using inox aluminium straigts for lace, as they're the pointiest I've found so far (although I'm on a perpetual quest for the pointiest ever needles) :)

At 5:23 am, Blogger Katie said...

Oh yeah, you got it bad!

At 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi dianem, good to see your update...Q: what is to frog up the ribbing?
And do we live to knit or knit to live?
Keep up the good work and happy travelling.

At 11:06 am, Blogger DianeM said...

Both I think :-)I know knitting helps me get through the days sometimes.

Frogging is unpulling - undesirable but must be faced bravely!


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