Sunday, June 18, 2006

What do I do with the rest?

I have little feet and generally find I only need 50g for a pair of socks. I find it hard to justify buying 100g skeins but always end up falling in love with the colours so I started to make a list of things to do with the leftovers...

* knit matching wristwarmers
* knit socks for a friend
* knit baby hats
* find another sockknitter with small feet to swap with

Any other ideas???

Holiday progress so far (after 2 days not bad) :
Purple wws: 100%
Red scarf for me: 50%
Silk wws: 25%
Falling leaves socks: 1st toe done but need diff size circs - down to LYS in the morning

Have booked our B&B, fingers crossed that the mail order yarn will arrive before we leave :-)


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